Accelerating climate change drives nations to take urgent actions to reduce pollution and carbon emissions.

Energy companies are obliged to meet carbon emission reduction targets and the alternative heat sources overtake the customers.

At the same time, the alternative heat sources attached to district heating networks increase the complexity of heat distribution, and more measurement points are needed.

Aging district heating networks

  • do not last forever
  • have an estimated lifetime of 50-70 years
  • have a renewal speed of only 0.5-2 % annually
  • take even 200 years to be renovated fully.

District heating networks need attention, and all collected data helps the decision-making in terms of necessary measures.


Aistio District Monitoring

  • collects, processes and analyses relevant data in the district heating network
  • includes robust and reliable wireless sensors which can operate from deep-underground
  • is a cloud-based system providing data processing, data visualization and third party integrations
  • provides secure connections, user identification and integrability enabling customization upon request
  • contains Chamber and Network monitoring solutions that can be enabled in the same device thanks to a modular device structure.

We also constantly innovate new solutions in cooperation with our customers.

Why now?

Digitalization and IoT is on-going across different business sectors.

Enablers for energy companies to utilize new technologies:

  • improved wireless technologies in radio communication
  • decreased IoT device power consumption
  • ROI is very short

Digitalization combined with short Return on Investment enables an increase in the amount of the sensors. The aim is to have 100% coverage and find all leakages, and improve your organization’s performance.


Aistio is known for great customer service, and for never leaving our clients alone. We have a wide experience in various customer projects.

Let us help you get started with your digitalization project – and also support you with it in the long run!

We are here to help you.

Digitalization project

is a comprehensive digitalization of heat distribution network and production optimization including an opportunity to have sensors and services to be delivered as a turnkey solution.

Our experts will go through your needs and builds up a comprehensive package to achieve benefits of digitalization.

Detailed plan generates following benefits while completed in large scale project:

  • Fact-based management and maintenance of the network assets
  • Improved risk management
    • Heat distribution reliability
    • Occupational safety in maintenance
    • From an Environmental point of view
  • Production and distribution enhancement
  • Enables an opportunity to develop new business models
  • Open system integrates to existing platforms and applications
    • Loss and leakage reductions leads to a greener district heating
    • Improved competitiveness of district heating