Asset management and heat supply security

The district heating networks are aging faster than the renewal speed would allow. An aging network requires more resources to conduct surveillance, and comprehensive network inspections are needed to avoid heat supply issues.

Our solution

By utilizing sensor data the lifetime of networks can be extended as the customer

  • is able to do better maintenance with the current resources
  • knows the real network condition and remaining lifetime to avoid renovation too early.

In addition, severe damages to the customer’s real state can be prevented.

(Data based) heat production and distribution optimization

The landscape of the DHC industry is evolving fast due to

  • regulatory carbon emission reduction targets
  • competition by alternative heating technologies such as local thermal heating.

This creates a demand to produce and deliver energy more efficiently.

Our solution

Network digitalization by cost-efficient IoT devices enable energy companies to collect critical on-line data, such as:

  • temperature
  • pressure
  • flow.

Sensors comprehensively situated in all the critical network locations enable data to:

  • optimize the production ratio between power plants to save money
  • optimize the pressure in the network
  • ensure secure heat delivery
  • make network simulations more precise
  • support defining the right pipe sizes to meet the customer demand
  • make the system more adaptive for additional heat sources.

More resources to operative work

Aistio works as extra pair of hands, finds leakages and provides continuous data for keeping the workflow prioritized.

Wireless and battery-operated IoT devices provide data even through thick walls and from challenging environments, from under the lids of the chambers.

This is enabled by

  • data driven, fact-based decision-making for maintenance and renovation
  • heat delivery and power plant optimization with a short ROI
  • real data for supporting modelling and building digital twins.



Every underground maintenance visit is associated with a risk to the employee, especially when it comes to an aged part of the network.

Some energy companies have already started to classify certain segments of network/chambers as dangerous for the employees, and do not allow any physical visits.

Our solution

IoT-sensors provide an excellent alternative for such dangerous locations to

  • monitor conditions 24/7 to predict and detect leakages, thus avoiding heat delivery issues
  • collect data to prioritize the repair or renewal work of the aged network.


Hot water in the district heating pipes generates a risk to the surrounding people and environment by unexpected major leakages.

The older the network, the higher the risk.

Our solution

By having a comprehensive leakage detection system in place, sudden hazardous leakages can be eliminated or at least minimized.

Accelerating climate change and regulatory carbon emission reduction targets drive energy companies to make investments. They also change the way of work to achieve better environmental efficiency towards carbon neutrality.

Our solution

Aistio helps energy companies to operate in a more environmentally friendly matter by

  • reducing wasted energy
  • doing more with the existing resources.

Business development by digitalization

IoT and cloud-based solutions can also generate new business opportunities.

Aistio District Monitoring is a complete combination of

  • data collection
  • Big Data analytics
  • AI-based observations.

Together these build a solution which can be productized even for end‑customers.

Our solutions are utilized by more than 35 customers.

Proof of Concepts and strategic approaches for digitalization generate added value for different stakeholders in our ecosystem.

With our know-how and data points we can build solutions to revolutionize business opportunities.

With our knowhow and data points we can build a solutions which can and will revolutionize business opportunities.