Aistio District Monitoring

  • is the best partner for energy companies to digitalize their energy delivery and production
  • offers superior expertise in wireless technology to DHC industry and water utilities
  • has a portfolio including IoT products and AI-based solutions for the digitalization of the district heating and cooling industry.

The Aistio District Monitoring technology is utilized by 35 energy companies in Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.

Data-based smart maintenance and leakage detection.

Aistio AI solves problems in heat production and delivery by utilizing Artificial Intelligence.

Digitalization expertise combined with continuous development – Aistio builds the future of sustainable solutions.

Continuously increasing Big Data related to district heating allows machine learning and analytics. Our data amount corresponds to over 5 million chamber inspections.

RAW and Processed Data is available through integrations to customer or third party applications.

Wireless and battery-operated sensors allow comprehensive data collection with reasonable investments.

IoT enables digitalization

Cost-efficient and wireless IoT-technologies enable energy companies to collect data more comprehensively from the energy grids and customers than ever before.

The higher the amount of data collection points, the more precise and faster the analyses can be conducted by AI.

IoT enables energy companies to run business based on data to

  • extend the lifetime of networks by smarter maintenance
  • optimize production and delivery to save money and reduce emissions
  • make the energy system adaptive for multiple energy sources
  • enhance risk management
  • generate opportunities for new digital service businesses.