Aistio Sensors

Aistio sensors are designed in Finland for wireless and accurate measurement. They are suitable for monitoring industrial processes and the conditions of various buildings as well as for controlling smart energy solutions. The main emphasis in design was to optimise the radio reception of the devices. The systematic testing and development of the devices have resulted in extremely low power consumption and high reliability. This is ensured by adhering to strict quality standards, using high-quality components and developing the product from scratch to mass production through our own efforts. Aistio sensors are RoHS compliant as well as LoRaWan and CE certified. The devices can be purchased separately or combined with a service tailored to the customer, such as interface integration with the customer system.

Sensor Models

Aistio IAQ

  • Aistio IAQ is a 4-in-1 sensor. The device has 4 high-quality sensors measuring carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC).
  • The device is suitable for long-term monitoring of indoor air conditions.
  • Due to its small size, it is easy to install and move from one location to another.
  • Aistio IAQ is equipped with a USB 5V power supply, which enables long-term measurement of TVOC.

Aistio CO2

  • Aistio CO2 is designed for continuous measurement of indoor air conditions. Aistio CO2 has three accurate sensors for measuring temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide.
  • An automatic calibration function for carbon dioxide measurement ensures long-term reliable measurement.
  • The size and design of the device make it an optimal addition for contemporary interiors.
  • Examples of locations where adequate ventilation is very important: schools, kindergartens, retirement homes, offices, etc.
  • A cost-effective option to replace a wired measuring device in ventilation control.

Aistio HT

  • Aistio HT is a cost-optimised, compact temperature and humidity sensor.
  • Aistio HT is designed to monitor basic indoor air conditions as part of intelligent energy systems.
  • Design has focused on optimising the lifecycle costs of the sensor.

Aistio HT Plus

  • Aistio HT Plus is an IP67 device for wireless temperature and humidity measurement.
  • The device is compact and designed to operate in demanding conditions.
  • The sensor can be used as it is within concrete casting, for example.

Aistio HUB

  • Aistio HUB is an IP65 device designed specifically to perform measurements in challenging conditions.
  • Various sensors can be connected to the device: ultrasonic distance sensors, temperature and humidity sensors and pressure transmitters for measuring pressure.
  • The power consumption of the device is optimised to guarantee a battery life of more than 5 years.
  • The device is completely wireless, and it is particularly useful in challenging conditions such as district heating chambers.


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