Reference - Rauman Energia Oy

In our Rauma network, we have about 100 concrete chambers and 30 of the most challenging ones were chosen for use with Aistio. Good training and instructions were provided before the installation process started. This made it easy for us to continue the installation, which took place without problems. We have used the extremely clear and simple user interface on several terminals. Along the way, we have also provided suggestions for improvements to the service, which have been taken into consideration. This is what customer-oriented service should be like. We have noticed that alarms at evenings and weekends have diminished, since the chamber conditions are known. Unnecessary alarms can be avoided by assessing the situation during regular working hours. Also, maintenance staff has received great information through the service for repairing problematic chambers.

In a nutshell: We are satisfied with the system.


Rauman Energia Oy

Eetu Järvenpää,
District Heating Engineer