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Centralised energy consumption monitoring

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Aistio - Complete System For The Energy Sector

Aistio’s solutions focus strongly on improving energy efficiency both in buildings and in energy distribution. In the EU, efforts are being made to systematically improve energy efficiency through the Energy Efficiency Directive, which sets national energy savings targets.

Aistio’s services can be used to ensure that energy efficiency is achieved, and the requirements of the Directive are met.

Aistio District Monitoring uses, as a source of data, the condition data of district heating chambers as well as the open data of the Finnish Meteorological Institute. With this information, we can create significant added value for the customer with regard to maintaining and servicing district heating chambers. In the future, integrations through the platform to, for example, applications used to manage the infrastructure or store network status data will create a link between the real world and the modelled environment (digital twin).

The Aistio District Monitoring system is capable to measure energy network wirelessly and able to provide pressure and temperature data. This information helps to optimise network delivery efficiency and thus achieve significant savings in energy distribution.

Our energy monitoring service, Aistio City Monitoring, effectively combines sources of data from, for example, individual consumption meters, district heating operators, water companies and the real-time interface with electricity companies. The centralised data collected for the service is standardised in order to provide comparable data for energy efficiency comparison. The data provided by the tool can be used to support decision making and, above all, to significantly facilitate reporting required by energy efficiency agreements. Reports are generated from the system at the click of a mouse.


Aistio District Monitoring

The monitoring of the conditions and state of the district heating network can be digitalised through the use of IoT technology. Chamber-mounted sensors monitor the conditions without having to open the chamber cover or go down to the chamber.

Aistio City Monitoring

The service we have developed for monitoring the energy consumption of buildings collects data from different sources to a single location. The system stores information on the heating and cooling energy used and the consumption of water and electricity.

Aistio Sensors

Aistio sensors are designed in Finland for wireless and accurate measurement. They are suitable for monitoring industrial processes and the conditions of various buildings as well as for controlling smart energy solutions. The main emphasis in design was to optimise the radio reception of the devices. The systematic testing and development of the devices have resulted in extremely low power consumption and high reliability. This is ensured by adhering to strict quality standards, using high-quality components and developing the product from scratch to mass production through our own efforts. Aistio sensors are RoHS compliant as well as LoRaWan and CE certified. The devices can be purchased separately or combined with a service tailored to the customer, such as interface integration with the customer system.

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As a whole, Aistio is a system that enables the implementation of versatile SaaS (Software as a Service) applications based on a platform concept. The platform enables the efficient use of data sources and the building of different types of applications. Applications can leverage common data sources, industry-specific integrations and IoT devices to produce data.

Informative user interfaces are tailored to customer needs and help to facilitate daily routines and add value to the business. Key features of the system are intelligent alarm functions and the solutions for interfacing with client or third-party systems.

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